Science on Tap

By Ocean First Institute 28/06/2018

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Join us for an evening celebrating sharks and ocean conservation with Ocean First Institute's Executive Director, Dr. Mikki McComb-Kobza, while enjoying some of Boulder's finest craft beers!

Sharks are iconic and misunderstood species with a long evolutionary history. There are over 500 living shark species, all with unique adaptations, that have radiated into nearly every aquatic habitat. There is tremendous diversity in species life histories, reproductive modes, habitat use, sensory biology, ecology and behavior. Sharks are under global threat from human interference and over 30% are at risk for extinction. Research and conservation efforts are targeting effective ways to protect endangered species.

DATE: Tuesday, August 14th

TIME: 6:30 - 9:00 PM

LOCATION: Gunbarrel Brewing Company, 7088 Winchester Cir., Boulder, CO

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Dr. Mikki holds a Ph.D. in Integrative Biology from Florida Atlantic University and her research has been covered by the BBC, National Geographic, Discovery Channel's Shark Week, and CBC National Radio Canada. She is a tireless advocate for sharks and shark habitat. Dr. Mikki seeks to highlight their global population decline and to frame new directions for their conservation.

Science on Tap is a monthly opportunity for science enthusiasts and beer lovers to come together and discover the latest and greatest research in science and technology that is happening right here on the Front Range. Local scientists across a variety of disciplines present their work in a fun, informal, and interactive setting while enjoying some of Boulder’s finest craft beers. You can expect plenty of beer to be flowing, a 30-40 minute presentation, followed by discussion and Q&A.