What was it Like to Grow up on a Boat? Facebook LIVE Q&A

By Ocean First Institute 26/03/2020

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FREE and open to everyone!


Ocean First Institute presents an Facebook LIVE Q&A with Ayla Besemer -
"What was it like growing up on a boat?"

OFI’s Science Educator, Ayla, spent eight years living and traveling aboard a boat. Join her at 1:00pm on 4/9 for a Facebook Live Q&A to learn what it’s like to grow up at sea, and what she learned about protecting the ocean while traveling tens of thousands of miles on it! If you’ve ever wondered how it feels to brave storms at sea, traverse the Panama Canal, navigate by the stars, or sail underneath calving glaciers, Ayla is here to share her story. Follow @oceanfirstinstitute1 to join.


DATE: Thursday, April 9th
TIME: 1:00 to 1:30 PM MDT

Contact us at info(at)oceanfirstinstitute.org for any questions.