By Ocean First Institute 31/10/2019

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Ocean First Institute presents Why do hammerhead sharks have the weird head shape?Webinar with Dr. Mikki McComb-Kobza

Hammerhead sharks are unquestionably one of the strangest looking of all sharks. Why do they have such a weird head shape? Does it impact the way they perceive their world? Does it give them any advantage over more "normal" looking sharks?

Your students will find out the answers to these, and many more, questions about the mysterious, and often misunderstood, hammerhead shark! Dr. Mikki McComb-Kobza will discuss her latest research on hammerhead sharks and explain how having the weird head may be a very good thing!


This event is FREE and open to all teachers and students (Grades 5th-12th)!

We have conducted over 250 virtual outreach sessions with schools across the globe to educate students about the importance of the ocean and why species, like sharks, matter. Join us as we share the truth about sharks, transform fear into fascination, and promote the vital role the ocean plays in our everyday lives. To date, our virtual outreach has reached hundreds of teachers and over one hundred thousand students!


DATE: Friday, December 20th
TIME: 9:10-9:55 AM (MST) and 11:10-11:55 AM (MST)


Registration Link - 9:10-9:55 AM (MST)


Registration Link - 11:10-11:55 AM (MST)


Contact us at info@oceanfirstinstitute.org with any questions!