Northern Redbelly Dace Recovery Project


Ocean First Institute partners to save a Colorado endangered fish species.

The Northern Redbelly Dace (NRD) is a minnow found throughout most of the Northern United States and Canada. Historically, the species has been present in the Rocky Mountain Region. Today, however, the species is considered endangered or severely threatened across much of its native habitat in Colorado, Nebraska, and South Dakota. Threats such as habitat alteration from human development and an expanded presence of non-native aquatic species has significantly limited the range of Northern Redbelly Dace in the region.

The Northern Redbelly Dace Recovery program aims to increase public awareness and peak student interest in the conservation of native species. The goal of the recovery project is to expand the range of healthy Northern Redbelly Dace populations in the state of Colorado. The project has won several local, national and international conservation awards. Through the project we have had students, teachers and biologists work together to raise and release over 2,200 fish back into the wild!

You can learn more about the project here.

This project would not be possible without all of our partnerships!

This project has been generously funded by Boulder County Parks and Open Space Foundation, The Innovation Center, The Denver Zoo and the Lauren Townsend Memorial Foundation.