" was amazing. The staff was so present and energetic for all of the kids. It ALMOST did not feel online!!"


"...each day was something new. I was interested to see how engaged she would be for that long of time, but the breaks with specific activities worked beautifully. What a well thought out program."


If you would like to support OFI's Summer Camp Scholarship Fund, and provide new opportunities for future ocean advocates and explorers, please donate here. Thank you!

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Girls in Ocean Science

Girls in Ocean Science Summer Camp

This exciting summer camp is dedicated to inspiring young girls interested in the sciences and our ocean. Camp members will get a chance to learn from female marine scientists and explorers in a series of engaging guest-talks and activities - including investigating plankton from local waterways, building coral polyps from food, and exploring glaciers from afar! Camp members will learn from women scientists with unique experiences in shark research, marine conservation, sea turtle conservation, and more while learning about the ocean world and discovering how we can all make a positive difference for the environment. Our goal is to instill a sense of wonder and curiosity through interactive learning and fun!



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Ocean Science

Ocean Science Summer Camp

Ocean First Institute offers a unique camp for hands-on, marine adventure — even while socially distanced! In this marine science summer camp, you will learn about the interconnectedness of our ocean, the coastal environment, and rivers and watersheds through engaging activities - including creating your own coral reef ecosystem, “discovering" your own shark, and taking plankton samples from local water sources! Our camp fosters curiosity and creativity, providing you with opportunities to explore, discover, and value our marine habitats.

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Marine Conservation

Marine Conservation Summer Camp

In this unique camp, you will get to work with conservation biologists and lifelong ocean stewards to learn about engaging and relevant marine conservation topics, such as climate change and plastic pollution. Campers will learn about the conservation issues facing our ocean today, whether testing their own blade designs on a wind turbine, creating edible water “bottles,” conducting sea level rise experiments, or making their own ocean friendly soap! Discover how you can be a part of the solution and be a part of a growing movement of young marine conservationists.