Our youth expedition program focuses on exposing young people to the rigors of field science and the adventures of meaningful research in marine biology. Our students work alongside our marine scientist mentors in the field collecting data and experiencing some of the most majestic places and iconic wildlife possible. From kayaking with Orca, tagging turtles, to conducting photo identification on wild dolphins, our youth travel programs obliterate classroom walls and create positive experiences for young people to participate in unscripted education and adventure. Students learn life lessons and make deep friendships. We help students discover some of the greatest outdoor classrooms in the world, overcome the obstacles to reach these places, and prepare students for future study and potential science careers. 


UPDATE: Covid has impacted our ability to run our student expeditions, but we are very hopeful that in 2022 and beyond we may be able to once again run more exciting and impactful student expeditions. Please check back with us as this is a moving target.