This Cleaner Shrimp is doing his part to keep the ocean clean, so please do your part too. Here are some tips to try. Waste Reduction is one of the criteria in our Blue Certified Program, an eco-label for the dive industry.

  1. Favor the purchase of recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable products so that less ends up in the landfill and the ocean.
  2. Make it easy to recycle by placing recycling bins in an optimal location where it is most convenient for staff and customers. Post signs to explain which items can go into the bins.
  3. Go paperless with sales and marketing by using social media, e-mail, and e-newsletters. Not only are you saving money by not using paper and printer materials, your customers can easily forward and share your message with their friends.
  4. When you do need to use paper, purchase paper that has the highest post-consumer recycled content you can find (shoot for 100%, but settle for no less than 30%), and print double sided.
  5. Educate and involve staff. Post signs so that staff know how to do their jobs in harmony with sustainability goals. Staff often have great ideas to make waste management practices even better.
  6. Track your waste amounts and trash hauling bills. Use the information to make informed decisions of where to improve. You may be surprised about how much money you spend to send trash to the landfill, and how much of material that you purchase is wasted.