As part of Blue Certified’s partnership with SEVENSEAS Magazine, we invite you to dive into SEVENSEAS and explore our sustainable scuba diving article.

For many travelers, a spectacular dive is the highlight of a vacation. We seek a special glimpse of the underwater world as we glide among fascinating creatures and formations. The experience is exhilarating with the chance to see an eel or even a shark, awe-inspiring with amazing colors and textures, and relaxing with the whole sublime scene set to the rhythmic sounds of our own breathing.

But how often do we consider the impact of our dive on the environment or the local community? Continue reading the article on SEVENSEAS.

And click here to swim around the August issue of SEVENSEAS Magazine. SEVENSEAS travel magazine is the leading free publication that promotes marine conservation through community engagement, online media, and eco-tourism, with readers in 170 countries. SEVENSEAS strives to continue to inspire and educate all our readers through rich imagery, engaging content, and an underlying conservation message. 

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