Lauren S. and her pup, Skippy, in their tiny house. Photo Credit: Dusty Rider.

Hearing about music and surfing together may bring to mind the beach films from the 1960s, but musician and surfer Lauren Stovall has both sandy feet planted firmly in the 21st century. Ocean First Institute’s volunteer and Annual Fundraiser Committee member enjoys a variety of water sports including kayaking, paddle boarding, surfing and most recently – perfecting strokes in the pool at Ocean First in Boulder. Living in Mississippi as a child and Colorado as an adult, Lauren understands that passion for the ocean must be deliberately cultivated which is why she can be found enthusiastically promoting conservation at local events for students and at OFI summer camps. She is convinced that inland kids and adults can understand how changing their habits in small ways can produce positive results. When interacting with the public, Lauren encourages reducing plastic use, recycling consistently, buying in bulk, and purchasing pre worn clothing and 2nd hand items.

Photo Credit: Lauren Stovall.

Lacking a science background has not kept Lauren from delving into the underwater world and discovering the delights within. Recently married and recently diver- certified, Lauren plans to expand her opportunities for surfing and diving. She wants to travel, swim with whales, and buddy up to an octopus. She and her musician husband Peter spend weeks at a time in Southern California where Lauren found her inspiration to volunteer. She happened to be surfing in the same section of beach as a group from the Adaptive Surf League preparing for a Challenge meet. Watching these determined participants and their assistants made a lasting emotional impact on her. “When you don’t have money to donate – give time” has become her motto. Lauren has successfully integrated her love of the ocean with her desire to build relationships with people around a shared commitment. Lauren also makes time to nurture her inner self. She writes, plays guitar & banjo and loves to read. Her current favorite she is recommending is KOOK by Peter Heller.

Guest blog post by Jennifer Rodehaver, Ocean First Institute volunteer and Annual Fundraiser Committee member.

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